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What is behind the latest update of Othercide?


Othercide is Lightbulb crew’s second game, and is really close to our hearts. We want people to be able to enjoy our labor of love for as long as possible. We also really believe in the value to the community by continuing to support the game. The Othercide community has also been asking for a new update and continues to give us suggestions (and yes, find bugs too!).

We have the utmost respect for the experience players have of the game and we try to keep track of all the feedback, bug reports and suggestions that we receive. It then comes down to the judicious question of what to select for development. To make the decision we weigh the importance of bugs and suggestions and combine it with our own beliefs about what would bring value to the game and the community.

For this update we focused on adding a way to share your game experience with others through the Seed system, as well as update some of the bugs and improvements that the community seemed to believe were the most important.

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Louise Le Guen
Community Manager at Lightbulb Crew

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