We are Lightbulb Crew,

A team of passionate gamers who have at heart to create cool and exciting gaming experiences for its community!

Created in 2013, we are a Franco-Swedish studio but most of the team is based in Paris XIXe. We developed Othercide, a challenging horror-themed tactical turn-based game.

We also launched in early 2018 our own publishing label, called Firesquid. We want to empower diverse teams to make games that include strategizing and thinking. If you want to know more and submit your project, you just have to click here!

Anders Larsson

CEO & Creative Director

Audrey Lefaucheux

Office Manager

Jérôme Sounthavong

3D Animator

Pierre Touboul

Game Programmer

Calvin Charbit

Game Designer

Kévin Chambonnet

Game Programmer

Pia Jacqmart

Game Director

Christophe Desbois

3D Character Artist

Louise Le Guen

Community Manager

Alexandre Lucas

Game Designer

Vincent Adam

Game Programmer

Tangi Tabuteau


Amaury Koeppel

QA Tester

Edwige Lelievre

Lead Programmer

Fabien Lavrand

2D Artist

Nicolas Isnard

Sound Designer

Antoine Pham-Minh

Marketing Manager

Aline Fournier

Marketing Artist Intern

Corentin Serrie

Game Programmer

Sandrine Dubois

Senior UI/UX Artist

Camille Huynh

Programmer intern

Clément Tatchi

Game Designer

Yoann Jacq

UI Designer