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Lightbulb Crew is a creative and postive environment where everyone's opinion matters.


At Lightbulb Crew we have a passion for creating video games.

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  • Community Manager - Community Manager Internship (F/M) Position Duties: We are Lightbulb Crew, an independent video game studio based in Paris. We are Read More

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Fight alongside your friends to earn fame and fortune in the epic intergalactic arenas of the Synarchy. Strategy, raw talent, practice, and teamwork will get you to the top - but can you stay there?The Games of Glory are the gladiator games of the future, and the first ever hybrid of tactical shooter mechanics with a top-down view of its kind.Play in fast-paced 5v5 or 3v3 matches with an arsenal of 64 non-character specific weapons including snipers, rifles, pistols, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and more. Create your own Club, or join one that's recruiting. Invite your friends, upload custom logos, and rise through the ranks together as a unit. Did we mention it's free?For more information and updates follow us on:

Who we are

Lightbulb Crew is specialized in the creation of online multiplayer strategy games on PC, console, Mac, and mobile platforms. Our products target a large audience, from casual to midcore and hardcore gamers. Lightbulb Crew wants to conquer new markets and is looking for challenges. We aim to create new, fun experiences, and to blend well-tested game mechanics with social aspects, which are a fantastic way for players to interact.

Our Story

Lightbulb Crew is young independent studio composed of talented and passionate game developers whose previous work includes games for renowned studios such as Ubisoft and DICE studio. We are based in Paris, France, and Stockholm, Sweden. We are gamers ourselves, and have the ambition to directly involve the community to help build, refine, and improve our games.
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