Recap – Champions of Summer’s Cup

Greetings controllers!

On July 23rd, we hosted the Champions of Summer tournament!
11 teams clashed head-to-head into the once-abandoned foundry, now converted into a thriving arena on the planet of Svandia.

The Synarch was very pleased with the recent Games of Glory.
The teams made use of impressive strategy and and the Controllers refused to hold back in their fighting, leaving it all on the field. The massacres were many, and the crows was pleased!

The Grand Final was a best of 3, played between the teams “Helios Kontos” and “Cross Platform Cross Atlantic XD”. “Helio Kontos” took home the victory 2-0.

A big thank you to all of the teams who participated in the tournament (as well as to the Clones who bravely sacrificed themselves in the arena, and especially the cleaning crew who came in afterwards):

  • 1st place : Helios Kontos : Dr Typo, Nygmawar, SpamandEggs
  • 2nd place : Cross Platform Cross Atlantic xD : Eiseu, Linkens, Makinganame
  • 3rd place : Fight or Fail : Badecyde, Beatdropper, SuperCitron
  • 4th place : Lightbulb Crew : Stoueillos, Nizar, Sebastien
  • 5th place : FightorFail : Tdamp, Ezequiel, Märä
  • 6th place : Space Jam : Lootem_, Olde45, lucky_slevinski
  • 7th place ex aequo : Gold Lions : silviano, THITI99, chuizun // Dominators : Rektinazor, Igge97, Tradamus
  • 8th place ex aequo : Gauntlet : MrZiek, dgoff11, EightFootOctopus // I Castelani : Gregoriospid03, Rex-2000-, Mandrak3_175 // Hot patatoes : Azar, Skynetorex, Rifou

We would also like to thank Lecrivaindujour and qgterminator, who took the time to comment the match from the Synarch’s own grandstand. If you missed the action, you can check out the replay here.

See you soon for more adventures!

– Lightbulb Crew

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