Recap – Champions of Summer’s Cup

Greetings controllers! On July 23rd, we hosted the Champions of Summer tournament! 11 teams clashed head-to-head into the once-abandoned foundry, now converted into a thriving arena on the planet of Svandia. The Synarch was very pleased with the recent Games of Glory. The teams made use of impressive strategy and and the Controllers refused to […]

Balancing Aiming Between Platforms

With Games of Glory being a cross-platform title, we need to balance not only the powers of the different Clones combined with the different weapons, but also the different control schemes:  mouse and keyboard vs hand controller. Our developers and game designers have invested months into trying to get this right, and it is not […]


Finally it’s ALIVE ! This is what the whole team is feeling now, a day or so after the releasing Games of Glory into Open beta on Playstation and Steam . All our work until now has led to this day. However the release into Open beta is only the start of the adventure, there are so many things still […]